The Neat Company, we believe you shouldn’t have to work to use your information. That’s why we’ve developed a system of intelligent solutions that transform information into something that works for you. Every Neat solution uses our patented NeatWorks® software to digitally capture and organize key information from your paper - so you can manage it, share it, or securely store it.


How Neat Works

Capture information all in one place, unlock the data with Neat's Smart Organization System, and unleash the full potential of your files. Neat is equally at home on your desktop computer or mobile device.


1. Mobile:













Scan with your mobile device to keep the information without keeping the paper.



Neat automatically extracts key information like names, dates, receipt totals, and more. 



Share items and information, create expense reports, and work smarter, not harder.


2. Desktop


Your Neat scanner transforms paper into digital documents, while e-receipts and other electronic information can be emailed in. 



Neat automatically extracts key information like names, dates, receipt totals, and more. 



Easily create expense reports, export your data to Quicken, Quickbooks, TurboTax, and more. Work smarter, not harder. 

1. Capture:

Scan Anywhere

capture photo capture

The Neat app transforms your device's camera into a powerful smart scanner that's always at your side, making it easy to stay organized. Capture receipts, business cards, and documents with the snap of a picture. Neat makes it easy to stay organized, no matter where you are.


Importing Information

Use the Neat web app to import files directly from your computer. Simply drag and drop any PDF or image files and Neat will automatically detect and parse your files.


Email Documents to Neat

email hero Email In

More and more important documents come attached to email or in other electronic formats. E-receipts, electronic invoices, and other digital documents all have a home in Neat, right alongside your scanned paper. It doesn't matter where an item comes from - if it's important, it belongs in Neat!

email image Email In

Getting an electronic item into Neat is as simple as forwarding an email to your Neat account. Neat will automatically create one entry for the email itself, and one entry for each attachment included in the email. Then we'll work our ID2 magic on everything you send in!


Organized Your Way

organize hero organize

Arrange your files any way you want with Neat's adaptable folder structure. Creating folders and sub-folders is fast and easy, letting you arrange and adapt as you go.

organize image organize


Arrange your files any way you want with Neat's adaptable folder structure. Creating folders and sub-folders is fast and easy, letting you arrange and adapt as you go.


Ultimate Security for All your Files

security hero secure

When your documents are in NeatCloud, they're not only synchronized between your various devices, they're securely backed up on our servers. That means that a lost phone or broken computer no longer means missing files.

We take security seriously - NeatCloud uses 256-bit SSL encryption, protecting your files with the same encryption standard used by most banks to secure customer data.


Access Your Information Anywhere

access hero access

Neat's cloud service keeps your documents in sync. You'll always have access to the most recent version of your Neat files, via web, mobile, and desktop. Changes you make on one device will automatically be reflected anywhere else you view your files. That means you no longer have to worry about what computer a file is on, or whether or not you emailed that file to yourself for when you need it later.


2. Unlock

The Brains Behind the Smart Organization System

ID feautres image ID2

Our patented InDocument Identification Technology transforms the words and numbers on your page into useful, usable data. With the magic of ID2, there's no need to enter data by hand. 

We take security seriously - NeatCloud uses 256-bit SSL encryption, protecting your files with the same encryption standard used by most banks to secure customer data.


Your Own Personal Assistant

verify hero neatverify

NeatVerify is an optional service that ensures 99% accuracy for the key data automatically extracted from receipts and business cards. It’s perfect for faded receipts or handwritten totals, such as a restaurant receipt with an added tip. 30 NeatVerify credits are included for free each month with a Premium subscription.


Find anything. Fast.

search hero search

Every word of every item in Neat is easily searchable, so you can find anything fast. Just type the word you're looking for into Neat's search bar, click the search button, and you'll see exactly the files you're looking for! It's the easiest way to find exactly the right files, and one reason the Smart Organization System is so much smarter than traditional filing systems. 

search filtering search

Filter your search results so you only see the items you’re interested in, such as receipts from a particular month. Filters make it easy to be more productive , adding another layer of organization to your files!


Share your Neat files and folders.

collab hero collab

Collaborate with others by sharing files and folders without using bulky email attachments. Neat makes it easy to work with others, even if they aren't Neat users. You can even have multiple users for one Neat account, making it perfect for small businesses or families. 

collab image collab

Select a folder, tap the Share icon, and share read-only access to that folder. You'll be able to view and add comments to items in shared folders, for convenient collaboration. Comments appear in a conversation-like back and forth from each user.


3. Unleash

Finances simplified.

finances hero Expense

Neat helps make tax time less taxing and managing your finances more of a breeze. Taking information directly from your receipts, Neat eliminates the time-consuming process of entering information by hand. It'll make you - and your accountant - a much happier individual.

finances image Expense

It's easy to keep up with your finances when they're in Neat. Whether you're generating a report on office expenses for the quarter or what was spent on gas last month, Neat's simple and intuitive reporting interface will let you get the results you want with no hassle.


Works Well With Others

integrates hero AccountingNeat lets you do more with your data, and part of that is that we make it easy to send information to programs like Excel, TurboTax, QuickBooks, and more 


Integrates to QuickBooks Online

Neat’s real-time integration with QuickBooks Online makes managing expenses, bills, and other finances super simple. Here are three ways you can use Neat with QuickBooks Online to change the way you work:

  • Use Neat to quickly create expense reports from your receipts, then submit them to QuickBooks Online for reimbursement
  • Match images of receipts in Neat to credit card transactions in QuickBooks Online for enhanced recordkeeping
  • Send invoices in Neat as bills to be paid in QuickBooks Online to keep on top of your finances 


Export Multiple Formats

  • CSV Files: Need to get those business cards you scanned into a database? Just export them as a .CSV file and upload them all at once.
  • IIF Files: Send your information from Neat into Quickbooks and make life a little easier for you and your accountant.
  • XLS Files: Export XLS files from Neat and analyze your data in Excel.
  • QIF Files: Export receipts and reports into Quicken to help track expenses and manage your money.
  • TXF Files: Send information directly from receipts into TurboTax to make filing simple.


Manage Contacts with Ease

access hero Contacts

Neat lets you turn that messy pile of cards on your desk into an organized and efficient digital contacts system. You can even add searchable notes to your entries - so if you need a reminder about where you met someone or why you have their card, just look in Neat.

access image Contacts

Adding contacts with the Neat mobile app is as fast and easy as snapping a picture of their card with your phone. Business travelers and other folks on the go no longer have to worry about misplacing a card or manually adding contact information.

contact logos Contacts

We’ve added integrations with LinkedIn, Google Contacts, and that make it easier for you to send those contacts to your favorite digital address books! With the LinkedIn integration, it’s now one click to send an invitation to connect. Doesn’t get easier than that.


Simplify Email Campaigns

email logos Email Campaigns

Streamline email campaigns by sending contacts in Neat to Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp. You can even choose which marketing list to add the contacts to. This means no more data entry to enter the contact information since Neat automatically identifies and extracts key information from business cards. This means more time for you to optimize your campaigns. 

File & Categorize Receipts, Invoices, and More in Seconds

Organization is more than just dating and alphabetizing! Neat automatically recognizes item types and key information, so you can group them by purpose, not just name.

Keep All of Your Important Files in One Safe, Searchable Place

Paper documents, digital receipts, and all your other important info can stay organized in Neat, where it's easy to find, easy to use, and easy to share.

Instantly Generate Tax, Spending, and Expense Reports

Don't enter data by hand - let Neat do the heavy lifting as it automatically pulls data from your receipts to create useful reports.

Automate Workflows to Increase Efficiency

Neat does the work so you don't have to! You'll get more done in less time with the power of Neat and the Smart Organization System.

Better Scanners:

Neat has designed its scanners to be both smart and good looking. Our attention to detail goes so far that we’ve even had the sound of the scanner tuned to be more pleasing to the ear.

Along with good design comes easy usability. Controls are simple and straightforward, making Neat intuitive to use.

And of course, there are some things Neat can do that set it apart from everyone else:

  • Scan receipts, business cards and documents in one batch while the software identifies, extracts and organizes key information.
  • NeatDesk & NeatConnect will scan in your receipts, business cards, or documents at a speedy 24 pages per minute. Scan up to 50 pages at once – 1 or 2-sided, color or B&W, single or multi-page


Access Everywhere:

With Neat, it doesn’t matter if you scanned an item at home or the office, or if it’s a digital document you sent in via email. Everything goes to one place that you can access from anywhere – on your desktop, through the web, or with mobile. That means that whatever you need will always be at your fingertips!

It also means that your files will be more secure than ever before. With cloud-based storage, a lost mobile device or broken computer no longer means missing files. And Neat secures all of your items with bank-level encryption to make sure that no one sees it but you.


Faster & Efficient Expense Reporting:

Nobody lets you do more with your data than Neat. Our powerful reporting suite helps you turn receipts into numbers you can use.

Only Neat automatically creates spending, tax, and expense reports with your receipt data.

Neat’s powerful software reads what you scan and extracts the key details, meaning you won’t have to enter data by hand to create quality reports!

Create an expense report in minutes*

Create a folder, fill it with the receipts you want to generate a report on, and click “Create Report.” Neat will do the rest, walking you through the creation of a tax, expense, or spending report to give you access to the data you want to see.


End to End Solutions for your files:

Everything in One Place.

Neat is designed to be the only solution you need for managing your important information. Scan in paper. Email in electronic documents. Use the web clipper to save web pages and digital articles. No matter where it comes from or what it is, Neat lets you organize it all in one place.

Beyond Organization

Information in Neat becomes useful and usable. Our patented parsing technology pulls key data from receipts, business cards, invoices, and other documents to automate your workflow and lets you spend more time doing what matters. Find things fast, export data to Excel and other programs, and get more done in less time.

A Complete Workflow

Whatever your need to do, Neat has a way to get it done. Start with information in paper or electronic form, add it to the Smart Organization System, and get usable data to make your life easier. With Neat, you can create reports, export information to accounting, tax, and contact management software, and do it all without inputting information by hand.


Extract relevant information:

We call it InDocument Identification, or ID2, and it’s the smartest scanning software around!

With ID2

  • Search every document in your Neat folder by keyword to find anything fast
  • Automatically convert business cards into contacts that sync with Outlook, Mac Address Book, and other software
  • Extract details like name, address, phone number, and email from business cards
  • Get totals, taxes, vendors, and other key information from receipts
  • Quickly transform receipts into expense, spending, or tax reports
  • Assign tax categories to each expense, then quickly export the data to TurboTax, QuickBooks, or Quicken


Robust Digital Filing System:

With Neat, your items aren’t just lifeless PDF documents. They’re recognized for what they really are – contacts, receipts, what have you. Each type of document has specific data fields associated with it – receipts record taxes and totals, for example, while business cards get names, addresses, and other contact information.

But it doesn’t stop there – Neat is constantly working to improve its service, and that includes adding more item types in the future. Invoices, e-receipts, and other classifications of documents are all currently in the works, with more new types on the way!


Accurate Data Capture:

Neat can promise a higher level of accuracy than any other scanning service, because of our innovative NeatVerify system. Available for receipts and business cards scanned by your mobile device, NeatVerify passes your scanned items to a team of Neat experts who compare the image with the parsed data to ensure everything is accurate.

Think of it like having your own personal assistant to double-check your data. Your anonymity and privacy are totally protected throughout the NeatVerify process – so you get unparalleled accuracy without any invasion of privacy.

*Requires NeatVerify service. NeatVerify only available on receipts and business cards scanned with the Neat mobile app.


The Neatest Technology:

There’s no denying that Neat’s scanners look great, but we’re so much more than just a pretty face. A lot of companies talk about Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, but nobody does it like Neat. Our patented InDocument Identification Technology (ID2) takes OCR software to the extreme, transforming the words and numbers on your page into useful, usable data. It’s exactly what makes the Smart Organization System so smart.

With ID2, you can search every document in your Neat folder by keyword to find anything fast. But that’s just the beginning. Business cards are automatically turned into contacts that sync with Outlook, Mac Address Book, and other contact-management software with details like name, address, phone number, and more.

Totals, taxes, vendors, and other key information are gleaned from receipts, letting you quickly transform them into expense, spending, or tax reports. You can even assign tax categories to each expense, then quickly export the data to TurboTax, QuickBooks, or Quicken. And you can do it all without having to enter data by hand – thanks to ID2 and the Smart Organization System.


Export information to Applications:

Neat doesn’t just scan your data, it analyzes it and extracts it into a usable database. That means taxes, totals, and other receipt data can be exported to tax and accounting software – and you don’t even have to enter the data by hand! You’re your data to Quicken, Quickbooks, TurboTax, and Excel with Neat’s easy and intuitive export function.

The same is true for business cards. Neat recognizes names, addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent information, and lets you export them to contact management systems like Outlook and Mac Address Book.

No other system lets you do more with your data than Neat – because nobody else recognizes information like the Smart Organization System.


Over a decade of being Neat:

Neat’s trusted by over one million users who rely on our technology to keep their homes and offices running smoothly. Just see what they have to say about us:

  • The mark of good software is that anyone and everyone can easily use and understand it. Neat hits that mark, it’s so easy a caveman’s granddad can do it.
  • Neat has become one of the highest revenue producing, simplest to operate, most useful tool in my job. My Neat system ensures that I can take that life virtually anywhere, and I do, profitably.
  • Thank you very much for such an amazing product! Installation was simple, the tutorials were very helpful, and I was able to scan, electronically archive, and shred paper clutter that was driving me nuts.
  • This product saves me time, my life and my money!!!!! PHENOMENAL