$ 129.99
About GuitarJack Model 2

GuitarJack Model 2 is the best sounding and highest quality iOS audio input and output interface. Connect a wide range of instruments, microphones, and other audio hardware to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via 1/4" instrument and 1/8" stereo mic/line inputs. GuitarJack's 1/8" stereo line/headphone output offers increased drive for headphones. GuitarJack Model 2 will help you achieve the best sound quality possible on iOS with superior components, controllable input level control with 60 dB of gain plus 12 dB pad for 72 dB of adjustment, configurable Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes and a 24-bit AD/DA converter*. GuitarJack Model 2 can record in stereo and simultaneously record vocals and an instrument when used with apps like FourTrack (iPhone) and StudioTrack (iPad) that support those features. GuitarJack Model 2 also works well with most third party audio apps like GarageBand. Buy GuitarJack Model 2 for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch now. New Product: GuitarJack 2 USB for Mac/Win/iPad/Select Mobile Devices

What You Can Do with GuitarJack Model 2
Connect a guitar, bass, keyboard, microphone, and other audio hardware to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch via 1/4 inch instrument and 1/8 inch stereo mic/line inputs.
Record in mono, stereo, or simultaneously record your voice and instrument on separate tracks using GuitarJack with apps like FourTrack and and StudioTrack.
Jam to the GuitarTone amps and effects app and the song tool in FourTrack and StudioTrack. More GuitarTone amps and effects enabled free while GuitarJack Model 2 is connected.* Also works well with most third party audio apps like GarageBand.
Enhance the sound of your guitar with Taylor EQ, optimized for use with Taylor guitars and GuitarJack.
Listen to music using the stereo output on GuitarJack Model 2, which has increased drive for headphones.

Hardware Features

1/4 inch (6.5 mm) instrument input - nickel-plated solid brass Switchcraft (10,000 MTBF) jack
1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo mic/line input - (no phantom power is provided)
1/8 inch (3.5 mm) stereo headphone/line output with increased drive for headphones
Dock connector designed for use without removing most cases
Device powered for ultimate portability - requires no batteries or power adapter
GuitarJack Model 2 includes a 24-bit AD/DA converter. More about 24-bit
Sleek and rugged aluminum shell
Software Features
(Control Panel in GuitarTone, FourTrack, StudioTrack & TaylorEQ)
Level Control: 60 dB of continuous level control
Input Modes:
Instrument (1/4 inch) - mono - Pad, Lo-Z or Hi-Z mode
Mic/Line (1/8 inch) - mono, dual-mono or stereo - Pad, Normal or Boost mode
Both inputs - Mic/Line input on the right channel and Instrument on the left channel
Included Software:
GuitarTone ($2.99) and TaylorEQ (free)
GuitarJack enables additional amps and effects in GuitarTone, FourTrack, and StudioTrack while connected ($19.98 value)