Making a Video Shouldn't Be a Drag. It Should Be Drag & Drop.

GoAnimate's mission is to enable businesses, schools, and individuals to make videos — quickly and easily.

Videos could and should be everywhere. Businesses use them to explain complex topics, train employees, or just show their soft side. Teachers and students use them to exercise higher-order learning skills, such as creativity and critical thinking, in the classroom. Individuals use them to make their friends laugh, better visualize their favorite song, or just say, “I miss you” to someone special.

What's the problem? Making a video is hard. People perceive it as one of those black-box processes they can't even wrap their head around. If they think it through (most mentally run screaming before even getting this far), they think it's going to take a long time, cost a lot, and be really, really hard.

Animated video lets you tell your story out loud! You're not passively capturing events with a camera. You're making emphatic points, clearly and without constraints.


Animation, with its ability to slide scales and bend the laws of nature, provides the flexibility to really bring product benefits to life.


Imagine starting on a closeup of a tree, then zooming out to show the entire forest, then blasting up into the sky for the BIG top view. Animated video makes it simple to put it all in perspective.


Our characters can be customized into hundreds of different shades of color. Represent diversity effectively, without having to cast actors of a specific race or background.


With animated video, you are not constrained by video footage. Switch backgrounds, move characters, add props. Test different ways to communicate your message.


Animation is good at demonstrating the steps in a process. It is even better at demonstrating the thinking behind a process, by adapting from literal to conceptual with ease.


The abstraction away from portraying real individuals allows animated video to strike a wider range of emotional tones. This can help cover difficult subjects frankly and effectively, without causing the audience to get its defenses up.

A Flexible Workflow

SCRIPTING AND STORYBOARDING Start simply - just visualize your audience. At the end of the video, what do you want them to think or feel or do? That's your objective. Now break that objective down into smaller steps. That results in your content outline - a list of "mini objectives" that get the audience from point A to point B. Next comes the creative part - coming up with visual elements to carry these content points. Sketch these if you can -- then write your actual script to match these visuals. VOICE RECORDING Adding your voice acting (dialog) or voice over (narration) is a snap. You can import audio files, record directly into the platform or even crowdsource professional actors – and get very fast turnaround! If you assign dialog to a character it will lip sync automatically. VISUAL EXCITEMENT You might think it’s hard to get the characters and props moving around. It’s not. We have templates and starters to get you started quickly. Customizing things is as easy as drag & drop. The menus are all WYSIWYG. Our libraries have literally thousands of characters, backgrounds and props. We also make it easy to import your own elements, such as a company logo, picture of a building or screen capture. AUDIO SWEETENING After "directing" the visual part of your video, it's time to polish the audio. Find just the right music track in our libraries – or import your own. Drop little sound effects here and there to really bring your moments to life. This too is just drag & drop. Adjusting the timing is as easy as sliding an icon left or right. PUBLISHING Once your video is completed, you can publish it on GoAnimate and embed it on your site. You can also export it as an HD quality video to keep on your computer or put on Youtube and other sharing sites. We also offer numerous one-clicking sharing options to major social networks and online marketing platforms.