Cloud 9 Living offers more than 1,800 unique and memorable experience gifts in 43 cities nationwide. Starting at under $100 and ranging from Hot Air Balloon Rides and Dinner Cruises to Stock Car Racing and Skydiving.  Experiences ranging from thrilling and adventurous to relaxing and cultural,truly have something for every taste and every budget.


Most Popular Experiences

Wondering which experience is the best for your recipient? Search our selection of Most Popular experience gifts in your region to find an experience we know they will love! 


With Most Popular gift ideas ranging from racecar driving or dinner cruises to city tours or golf lessons with a PGA Pro, you're sure to find a gift that's perfect for that lucky someone on your list.

Every Cloud 9 Living Experience Gift is presented in your choice of our custom blue Gift Pack or an email certificate, which both include a personalized message as well as details about the experience and booking instructions. With a Cloud 9 Living Experience Gift, you are sure to exceed their expectations from start to finish

Original Song for Your Loved One

A unique opportunity to have one of the most established songwriters of New York, Jordon Rothstein, create an original song for you or someone you love, and be a part of that process!

  • Personalized & custom lyrics portraying your desired story and composition that supports your vocal range
  • Your song is recorded in a professional studio
  • His expertise ranges from: session musician with Dan The Automator (of The Gorillaz) to composing for feature-length films and national ad campaigns
  • Production team has worked with Capital Records, Chuck Berry and the Albert Grossman organization

This is a unique opportunity to have established New York City songwriter Jordon Rothstein create an original song for you, or for someone you love, and be a part of that process! Your song will be professionally recorded in a downtown Manhattan music studio.

Members of Jordon's experienced production team have worked with diverse clients such as Capital Records, Coca-Cola, Burger King, Kodak, Chuck Berry and the Albert Grossman organization - managers of Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, The Band, Gordon Lightfoot and Todd Rundgren.

If you're a closet lyricist and know what you want to say, Jordon can help you marry words to music. If you would like to give the gift of song, but do not know where to start, Jordon's sensitivity and experience can help you realize and interpret what you want to say, and how you can say it through music.

You don't have to be a seasoned songwriter to know what you like. Participate in as much or as little of the creative process as you like. If you are too busy preparing for your special occasion, with just a few, short phone conversations, or by answering the questionnaire, your song will be created and mailed to you around 35 days.

However you would like to approach the creative process, Jordon has a range of styles and knowledge to draw on, as well as the patience and listening ability to make a song, your song.


Key Info:


Essential Information:


What style of music?

  • A Pop Ballad
  • R&B
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Folk
  • Classical
  • Other

What mood would you like your song to convey?

  • Soothing and Sentimental
  • Upbeat and Fun
  • Romantic
  • Funny

What instruments would you like to hear in the song?

  • Piano
  • Strings
  • Horns
  • Drums and Percussion


  • Approximately 35 days to produce the song.
Maximum Participants:
  • That is up to you
  • Yes, those involved with the song
Weather Dependent:
  • This experience is not weather dependent.
What to Wear:
  • Casual Attire

Exotic Dinner for the Connoisseur

Chef Christopher Tong introduces exotic edibles as you enjoy the ultimate culinary experience. Chef Tong uses his extraordinary resources to procure exotic ingredients to create a truly unique 4-course menu.

  • Chef Tong has 25 years of experience in some of the most prestigious restaurants and resorts in the U.S.
  • Choose from a selection of contemporary menus featuring exotic wild game, or seasonal seafood, or various imported caviars
  • The staff will set your table, present the menu, create and serve your unique gourmet dinner
Executive Chef Christopher Tong will create the ultimate culinary experience for you and your guests. Chef Tong uses his extraordinary resources to procure exotic wild game, or seasonal seafood, or imported caviar, or other specialty items to create a truly unique 4-course menu.


Host a memorable dining experience and relax while you enjoy the company of your guests. The Executive Chef and staff will come into your home, bringing all the ingredients and cookware, china and linens. They will set your table, present the menu, create, and serve your unique gourmet dinner. After the event, they clean your kitchen, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your special evening.

German born and trained, Chef Christopher Tong has been creating distinctive cuisine at fine restaurants and hotels for more than 25 years. His talents have given him the opportunity to work at prestigious establishments around the U.S., including The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Walt Disney Swan Hotel, the Sutton Place Hotel and the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago.

Celebrities from the world of entertainment and sports have feasted on Chris' fine cuisine. Some notables are Michael J. Fox (his wedding), Michael Jordan, Nancy Reagan, Cher and the King of Jordan.

Chris also served teams in the NBA, NFL, and NHL, as well as NASCAR drivers.Now he has adapted these impressive skills to the world of private entertaining.


Key Info:


Essential Information:

  • Full kitchen facilities are required
  • An initial consultation with a kitchen walk through by the Chef will confirm your menu selections and address any food allergies or special dietary requirements (vegetarian menus are available upon request)
  • Your Chef will provide estimates for costs beyond the set budget during the consultation
  • Beverage service is not included, but can be added upon request during your consultation


  • 3-4 hours
Maximum Participants:


  • This experience is available for parties of 6-12 people, depending on the option selected.


  • This dinner is for you and your booked dinner guests only.

Weather Dependent:

  • This experience is not weather dependent.

What to Wear:

  • This is your night, dress how you wish!.

Wine Tasting w/ Master Sommelier

If wine is your world, then truly nourish the soul with a private wine tasting by the smart, well-known, funny (and attractive) Master Sommelier, Catherine Fallis.

  • She is the 5th female to earn this prestigious certification (only 219 Master Sommeliers in the world)
  • Reader's Choice & Editor's Choice Award Winning Author & Chief Editor to multiple books on wine
  • Your event is custom tailored to address any area of wine (and spirits) that you wish to explore
  • Discover secrets & subtleties only attainable by those with the ultimate professional credential of Master Sommelier!

Spending time with Master Sommelier, Catherine Fallis, will immediately launch your knowledge & appreciation of wine (or spirits) to an unimaginable level, all delivered with an entertaining approach to intrigue any level of interest.

Whether you are looking to comfortably order wine from a menu or you are a collector searching for undiscovered vintages to compliment your wine cellar, this experience will address your needs.

By achieving the highest level of certification available to anyone in the world, Catherine can cater your experience towards any area you would like to explore.

An initial consultation will address your areas of interest, confirm your budget and excite you about your upcoming event. Available for up to 4 people, this is great for an evening to remember with close friends.

Two hours is needed for most experiences, however additional time is suggested for the focused connoisseur. Should you like to host a larger event, please do not hesitate to contact Cloud 9 Living to discuss details.

Cheers to an amazing evening as you allow one of the world's best to guide you on a journey that expands your appreciation and understanding of this ancient craft!


Key Info


Essential Information:

  • Wine & spirits are not included, however, your budget will be discussed during your initial consultation


  • 2, 3 & 4 hour options available. For more time, please contact Cloud 9 Living.

Maximum Participants:

  • For up to 4 participants. Please contact Cloud 9 Living for larger events.


  • Not Allowed

Weather Dependent:

  • This experience is not weather dependent.

What to Wear:

  • Please dress as you wish.

Private Hot Air Balloon Ride

Start the day with your loved one, drifting high above the Las Vegas scenery on a majestic Private Hot Air Balloon Ride.

  • Friendly and experienced provider has been in business and repeatedly featured on the History Channel and Travel Channel since 1980
  • Help the crew prepare for flight or relax as you watch the balloon inflate before your eyes
  • Glide peacefully in the range of 1,500 feet above the ground as you enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Las Vegas
  • Perfect experience for a marriage proposal, romantic date, or fun adventure with a loved one

Enjoy the tranquility of a Private Hot Air Balloon Ride, with only the occasional blasts of burners to break the peace.

Your balloon adventure begins before sunrise to capture the beautiful dawn light. Whether you are a Las Vegas local or visitor, a high-flying, peaceful Hot Air Balloon ride is the perfect way to start your day.

Experience the thrill of this historic means of travel. Your friendly pilot will describe ballooning and point out important scenery below. After approximately one hour of tranquil flight your balloon will descend to its landing.

After the flight you are invited to a delicious celebratory champagne breakfast.

Enjoy an inspired adventure filled with beautiful, sweeping vistas, panoramic views and sky sailing fun that will make lifelong memories.


Key Info


Essential Information:

  • Passengers must at least be in fair physical condition and able to stand for at least an hour. Participants must weigh less than 250 lbs, at least 5 years of age, and over 44 inches tall to see over the basket.
  • Flight includes a champagne and sit down breakfast after the flight.


  • The actual flight time is about one hour. The entire ballooning experience, including pre-flight preparation, flight and post-flight celebration, may take three to four hours.

Maximum Participants:

  • This is a private flight for two participants.


  • Non-flying participants are welcome to watch and ride with the chase crew during the flight.

Weather Dependent:

  • This experience is weather dependent. Always contact the Experience provider with any questions regarding weather conditions.

What to Wear:

  • Dress as though you would if you were walking down the street. It will not be colder in the air. Hats and closed-toe, flat-soled shoes are recommended. Sandals and heels are not permitted.

VIP Shopping Experience

Enjoy a customized VIP shopping experience with stylist Alyson Scott, hitting all the famed boutiques on Rodeo Drive and L.A.'s other hottest stores!

  • Alyson Scott has over 10 years experience in the fashion industry and has appeared on Access Hollywood, Extra and the E! Network
  • Your stylist has relationships with all the luxury stores you'll visit, ensuring you will receive 5-star treatment
  • Prepare to look and feel fabulous!

Personal stylist, Alyson Scott, has strong relationships with all the luxury stores within this package to make sure you are given 5-star, VIP treatment. Ms. Scott has partners with boutiques on Rodeo Drive, Robertson, West Third Street, Melrose Place, La Brea and Vintage.

During this experience, your stylist will begin with a personalized consultation at your home or hotel to learn about your individual style. You'll discuss your lifestyle, fashion choices, style icons and body type. Then head out for a day of shopping designed exclusively for you with your own personal shopper.

You will be treated to complimentary champagne, celebrity discounts, private dressing rooms and personal retail service. At the end of your day, be prepared to look and feel fabulous!


Key Info


Essential Information:


Day of shopping includes:

  • VIP treatment throughout the day 
  • Escorted by a professional LA stylist to your unique itinerary of boutiques 
  • Champagne 
  • Celebrity discounts 
  • Private retail service 
  • Special VIP dressing rooms 
  • Gifts and personal attention 
  • Goody-bag full of unique high-end products

A town car is available upon request for an additional charge. Please note that participants are responsible for the cost of items purchased throughout the day.

About Alyson Scott:

Alyson Scott, Founder of StyleChic, has over 10 years of fashion industry experience. As the Associate Publisher for 6 high profile fashion magazines, Alyson defined and celebrated the appeal of luxury and upscale brands. Prior to that, she honed her skills as a celebrity stylist in New York City. Alyson's experience and passion have allowed her to be on the pulse of new trends and style while still maintaining a sense of personal chic. As a style expert appearing in Vogue and on Access Hollywood, Extra and E! Networks, as well as a style contributor on TMZ and, Alyson is the consummate professional. She will create a style that is unique to you and flattering for your body type.


  • 3 or 6 hours

Maximum Participants:

The closet consultation is for a maximum of 2.


  • You are welcome to bring along up to 5 friends to observe your wardrobe makeover!

Weather Dependent:

  • This experience is not weather dependent.

What to Wear:

  • This is your experience, dress as you wish!

    Gift Certificate

    Surprise someone with a gift unlike any other – a Gift Certificate from Cloud 9 Living. Give one gift. Unwrap infinite excitement --- complete with memories to last a lifetime when your recipient picks the perfect experience.

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    Convenience – You select the certificate value. One gift. Infinite excitement. Need we say more?

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    Flexibility – Recipients can apply their gift certificate towards multiple experiences if its value permits, can combine multiple certificate values towards an experience, or can apply its value towards more expensive experiences if they desire

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