Lifestyle Intelligence - Select Apps, Products, and Services for Entrepreneurs, Producers, and Travelers. Our objectives is to save time matching products with lifestyles and to provide only quality information for better decisions.Purpose of technologies is efficiency and for businesses to deliver them to the market. fulfills this need by aggregating life-enhancing tools and delivering them with a new level of importance and attention they deserve.

Today these necessary tools do not have the ability to get the face-time they deserve which often is lost in the highly fragmented mass market. Due to the amount of information saturation by retail stores, online, and magazines, these products and services that have the potential to be life-changing, seldom reach the right audience.  This tends to be a disservice to quality products and for the customers that are seeking them. is the medium to bridge this gap in lack of awareness by providing the buyer a more informed shopping experience with pre-selected high-end items.  EZT.Biz was started by a team of frustrated entrepreneurs, producers, and traveler who required the same tools to enhance their interests. Serendipity has it, brought us to launching to products that we have personally and professionally used.If we don't use them, we don't sell them.Business is a medium of communication between individuals, and products are its lifeline. 

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Time is of the essence. Our objective is to
minimize time to search for products. 
Aggregate only the very best.